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There is Someone in There by Susanna Carolusson

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How is it to lose an adult son, who survives into a new, different life, with a serious brain damage?
Can health personnel, counselors and relatives learn to appreciate the unique character in each patient, disabled and family member?

Tobias was severely brain damaged in a bicycle accident. His mother, the author, informs in a personal way about health care, values and attitudes, from intensive care, family crisis reactions, and the growing awareness of excruciating loss. Despair is turned into the power to find inspiration despite uncertainty. The reader is invited to follow Tobias thrilling existence during four years after the accident.
The author manages to convey two perspectives: How she in her receptive and vulnerable role as a mother develops an extraordinary sensitivity to her son’s nonverbal communication, as between mother and infant. And how this empathetic maternal function repeatedly gets interrupted, when she has to resist or conquer narrow-minded authoritarian institutions. The other perspective is from her professional competence, encouraging the reader to take a personal stand in delicate but everyday queries. She doesn’t give the answers, but her approach reflects her long experience of professional communication and counseling. It becomes especially creative when she combines her maternal receptivity with her professional skill in her hypnotic communication with Tobias.
This book is a long asked for inspiration, that fills a gap in educational programs, on governmental and departmental level and as a source of inspiration for the professionals as well as the private circle around a brain damaged person.
With its existential approach, this book touches and concerns anybody, not only those who have to deal with brain damaged people at work, at home or in social contexts, but everyone who is prepared to enjoy the miracles of passion and persistence.